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Ecom Simple Blood glucose Monitoring System

Here ComiMed represents an Extremely “SIMPLE” meter with major functions for sugar blood testing -- large screen, no coding required, and accuracy of testing. Eliminated any of unnecessary functions, getting sugar blood testing results in simple one step. Moreover, simple function means to lower manufacture cost, return profit to our cooperated partners.


  • Life-Time Warranty for Ecom series Meter
  • Getting Testing Results in One Simple Step
  • No Coding Required – Avoid the danger of false results caused by coding errors
  • 2.72 Inches Large Screen – Easy to read
  • High Accuracy & Precision
  • Fulfilled with CE1023
Meter Warranty Life-time
Code Ref. No Coding (Code Free)
LCD Screen Size 54 mm X 43.5 mm (2.72 Inch)
Test Sample Capillary Blood (Whole blood)
Enzyme Type GOD
Blood Sample Volume 0.7µL
Reaction Time 6 seconds
Hematocrit Range 20% – 60%
AST (Alternative Site Testing) Yes
Memory Recall the last result
Unit Switch mg/dL & mmole/L
Measuring Range 20-600 mg/dL
Dimensions 110x62x25.6 mm
Weight 88.5g (with batteries)
Battery AAA Alkaline Battery (2)
Ketone Warning Yes
Low/High Glucose Level Warning Yes
Other No day, time display, NO memory, No PC Link


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